A2A Accu-sim Cherokee 180, V19.6.22.0

A2A Simulations has pushed a small product update for the Accu-sim Cherokee 180 (for Prepar3D V4). The release brings the software up to Version and features several incremental improvements to the existing aircraft build.

As usual, click the “Check for Updates” icon via the Windows start menu to install.

Please see below for a list of changes.


Version Changes

  • Reduced susceptibility to prop strike when taxying downhill.
  • Fixed artifact briefly appearing on windshield when glass fogging starts.
  • Improved synchronization of Accu-Sim engine thrust with host simulator.
  • Improved auto cold-and-dark behaviour to reset engine temperatures to ambient conditions.


To review the complete update announcement, see the consolidated update thread via the A2A forums. For more information about the Accu-sim Cherokee 180, visit the product sales page via the developers website.

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