A2A Proposes Official Military Trainer Line

Scott of A2A Simulations has proposed a new line of (potential) aircraft products. Dubbed the “Official Military Trainer” line, the models would encompass a slightly different ethos compared to existing offerings.

Accordingly, A2A is running a Facebook poll to gather community feedback. Keep in mind, the current proposal is actually a more defined version of another ongoing Facebook poll started just yesterday. Anyway, please see the complete description below.


OK, one more time as that original poll was not worded properly. Should A2A create an Official Military Trainer line of aircraft with a different focus?

Let me explain to you what we have done for the T-6a and the T-38a. I put both aircraft through a rigorous Accu-Sim flight test. However, instead of bringing it to our normal flight standard, which is higher than any other flight sim developer, the military asked for even more.

We had to match numbers using 1/4 degrees. I cannot stress enough to everyone here the professionalism and standard by which the United States military trains on. No simulator comes close to what they require in terms of physics, including the multi million dollar simulators. We took the challenge and worked harder on engine and flight physics than ever before. So what we have is an aircraft that is hyper focused on it’s flying qualities because this is what the military needed. Also all of the new knowledge we gained from these flight tests have fueled these products.

We’ve discussed in the past the “bucket” theory, and that is every product is limited by how much this bucket can hold. Basically, the bucket is time and resources. So I would ask again, what if we released this line of Official Military Trainers, that would have the following:

– Top level PBR modeling
– The highest level of flight physics
– Brand new turbine and turbo prop physics
– Accu-Sim sound
– Military manual approved for the public

What won’t fit in this bucket will be:

– In depth manual with history
– Maintenance Hangar
– Walk around



If you’d like to participate or provide feedback, jump directly to the Facebook poll. Alternatively, for more information about A2A Simulations, visit the developers website.

You may recall, some of these military projects were previously discussed as part of the May 2019 development update.

Image // A2A Simulations

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