A2A Accu-sim Beechcraft Bonanza V35, More Updates

Slightly more than a week after the developers last round of product updates, A2A has released yet another set of updates for the Accu-sim Beechcraft Bonanza V35 for FSX and Prepar3D V4.  Specifically, the developer has released version as well as several smaller secondary updates.

Please see below for a complete changelog.

Version Changes (Only Applies to FSX)

  • Included updated version of “A2A_Accusim.dll”.

Version Changes (Only Applies to FSX)

  • Forced overwriting of existing Aircraft Configurator and Input Configurator files.

Version Changes

  • Added gear and fuel selector shortcuts to the input configurator.
  • KFC 200 APPR mode accepts GPS vertical guidance.
  • KAS 297 altitude selector rounds hardware inputs to nearest 100.
  • Fixed nav lights being independent of electrical power in FSX.
  • Fixed default GNS 400 “PUSH CRSR” and GPSMAP 295 “QUIT” buttons.
  • Fixed RXP GNS 430 “DIRECT TO” button.
  • Fixed screen alignment for RXP GNS dual option.
  • Enabled LinkVor and Crossfill settings in RXP .ini files.
  • Yoke manual electric trim rocker switch doesn’t work without electrical power.
  • Fixed miscalculation for CHT cooling (°F/°C conversion error).
  • Fixed flight director ‘jumping’ on headphones activation.
  • Increased engine idle RPM slightly.
  • Increased VNE in aircraft.cfg to delay overspeed crash detection.
  • Corrected ATC call in aircraft.cfg.
  • Corrected “Control wheel – remove” typo in walkaround.
  • Fixed graphical artifact on inside of door glass.
  • Reduced AFK “emergency” low power trigger from 10 hp to 1 hp.
  • Revised AFK feature so that if the predicted time to ground contact is < 5 minutes, the sim will pause.
  • Restored and improved stall physics.
  • Removed obsolete “texture.a2a” directory.
  • Magneto switch shortcut returns from start position when released.

To review the original information source, see the summary update thread via the official A2A Simulations website.  If you’d like to learn more about the Accu-sim Beechcraft Bonanza V35, check out the product sales page for FSX or alternatively, Prepar3D V4.

*Image courtesy of A2A Simulations.

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