A2A Accu-sim Bonanza V35, More Previews

A2A Simulations has posted several new preview images showcasing the developers upcoming Accu-sim Beechcraft Bonanza V35.  Accompanying the preview imagery, A2A Simulations team member Nick comments, “Not much longer to wait guys.”

Shortly thereafter, Nick continues, “This Bo includes some very cool new features which will be revealed soon and I think it’s safe to say that the brilliant, artistic, passionate (and funny) team of developers behind the scenes have raised the bar once again.”

Lastly, specifically regarding the latest preview images, Nick clarifies, “I’m really excited for the release and I think you’ll love it.  Here are a few more teaser shots including some of third-party GPS configs (both RXP v2 and Flight One Software GTN 650/750 and GNS 430/530 units are supported).”

Check out some examples below.

Loading Images

To review the complete set of preview images and accompanying commentary, see page 3 of the applicable preview thread via the developers forum.  If you’d like to learn more about A2A Simulations, visit the developers website.

The project was last previewed earlier this week, see our post dated September 11, 2018 for more information.

*Images courtesy of A2A Simulations.

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