A2A Accu-sim Beechcraft Bonanza V35, Product Updates

A2A Simulations has released two new product updates for the developers Accu-sim Beechcraft Bonanza V35 for FSX and Prepar3D V4.  Originally released just last week, the first update brings the aircraft up to version and features various improvements + fixes to the existing model.  The second update numbered version corrects a minor bug introduced as part of the previous update.  Moreover, the developer has made available optional non-mipmapped textures for users experiencing blurred graphics.  According to the developer, “These texture packs can be downloaded for free from the A2A Simulations Store.”

Please see below for a complete changelog according to the developer.

Version Changes

  • Fixed bug introduced in version that swapped left and right fuel gauge readings in cockpit.

Version Changes

  • Optional textures without mipmaps made available via download for customers who have reported blurred graphics.
  • Adjusted circuit breaker code.
  • Enabled nose fuel strainer “Drain More” button in walkaround.
  • Removed references to fuel pump ON in checklist (Pilot’s Notes).
  • Moved flaps breaker into Accu-Sim so the flaps lever sound could be independent of electricity.
  • Adjusted takeoff rotation and maneuvering speed for IAS and not CAS (Pilot’s Notes).
  • Fixed bug that could cause a flap hinge to not be properly reported in the maintenance hangar.
  • Calibrated fuel tank gauges to read zero when three gallons of unusable fuel is in the tank.
  • Increased gross weight by 100 lbs for IO-550 engine.
  • Tuned nose wheel animation.
  • Fuel injectors now replaceable in the maintenance hangar.
  • Added more inertia to taxi physics.
  • Updated walkaround flap photos.
  • Removed spring loading from landing flaps lever.
  • Restored missing cowling hinge.

To review the original update information, see the official announcement via the A2A Simulations website.  If you’d like to learn more about the Accu-sim Beechcraft Bonanza V35, visit the product sales page for FSX or alternatively, Prepar3D V4.

*Image courtesy of A2A Simulations.

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