Aerobask Diamond DA-62, New Product Update

Aerobask has released a new product update for the developers acclaimed Diamond DA-62 for X-Plane 11. The update brings the software up to Version 11.1.04 and features a number of wide-ranging and comprehensive improvements to the existing aircraft build.

Please see below for a list of changes.


  • New Laminar oxygen system
  • New Laminar GFC700 Autopilot
  • Saso Kiselkov’s librain.plugin support
  • SASL 3.6.4: more mouse and display fixes
  • Side reflections coupled with windshield
  • Enhanced G1000 and popups, similar to E1000
  • Fixed SYSTEM page on MFD and removed unused keys
  • Fixed inactive G1000 brightness
  • Fixed statics elements not always on in C&D
  • json files replacing cfg config files
  • Fixed pump lights always on even when pumps not spinning


The update is now available via your store account.

For more information about the Diamond DA-62 by Aerobask, visit the product sales page via

Keep in mind, Aerobask is also currently working on the Falcon 8X in partnership with Dassault Aviation.

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