Aerobask Eclipse 550 NG V1.1.10 Available Now

Aerobask has released update V1.1.10 with regards to the developers Eclipse 550 NG light jet for X-Plane 11.  Highlights of the latest product update include FMOD sounds by Daniela Rodríguez Careri as well as VR compatibility with new and revisited manipulators.  Fantastic additions to an already excellent aircraft!

Aerobask Eclipse 550 NG Update Version 1.1.10

Please see below for the full changelog ranging from V1.1.0 to V1.1.10 as per the developer.

* Added capability to read v11 FMS files (route and airways only)
* fixed bug with SID for “ALL” runways not displayed
* sounds tweaks
* engine tweak
* trim tweak
* fixed MCP baro button
* new sound sliders in FDCOM
* fixed sunshades manipolators
* map and terrain disabled by default
* New flaps manipulator
* Fixed MDA logic
* new TO trim setting
* New fmod sound bank b2, will become RC if fine.
* New slider timings
* Remove sound code in annunciators logic
* fixed HSI source selection from GTN not changing right SV
* fixed weird effects on panel
* fixed gen #2 was going to bus #1
* removed ghost manipulator on backup HSI
* added manipulator for grabbing both throttles together
* removed v10 sound system
* updated v11 acf with new startup times
* new FMOD set
* new engine start logics
* FMOD detection

To see the original update announcement, changelog information, and review installation instructions, visit the source thread as posted via the forums.  If you’d like to learn more about the Aerobask Eclipse 550 NG, check out the official product page.

*Image courtesy of Aerobask.

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