AeroDesign Columbus for X-Plane 11, Version 1.1

UNITED STATES – First released back in June, AeroDesign has issued a new product update for the developers KCMH, John Glenn Columbus International Airport – X-Plane 11. The release brings the software up to Version 1.1 and features new ground vehicles and clutter, updated textures, FPS friendly trees, new buildings along the approach path of runway 10R, reduced VRAM usage, and more.

Check out some screenshots below.

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Next, see a complete update changelog.

  • New Ground Vehicles & Ground Assets
  • New Textures for some objects including Normals
  • Added fps friendly 3D trees
  • Added Buildings on final for 10R
  • Added more/new ground clutter
  • Fixed Fence.fac and Fence_Cement_Barrier.fac
  • Fixed polygons that weren’t a hard surface
  • Fixed cosmetic issues
  • Exported Ortho using DXT1
  • Reduced ground textures to 2K
  • Reduced vegetation to 1K
  • Decreased VRAM usage

To review the complete update announcement, see the source post via Facebook. Alternatively, for more information about KCMH by AeroDesign,, visit the product sales page via the store.

In other news, AeroDesign, in collaboration with X-Codr, recently released KMGM for X-Plane 11 (as freeware).

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