Aerofly FS2, Major Update Coming Soon

It appears as if IPACS has a major update in store for Aerofly FS2 and release may be coming soon.  According to Aerofly FS2 forum moderator drhotwing1, the update is to include a complete overhaul of the existing rendering engine as well as the implementation of new rendering technology said to significantly improve performance.  Moreover, the update is to include numerous improvements with regards to the aircraft fleet.

IPACS Aerofly FS2 Major Update Coming Soon

See below for the official statement by IPACS via forum moderator drhotwing1.

Greetings fellow flight simmers,

Yes I know it’s been a while between our last update and now but we had a lot of work to do internally to prepare for this upcoming update. I’m talking a complete overhaul of the OpenGL graphics rendering engine as well as the beta introduction of an all new Vulkan rendering engine which has shown in our tests that it greatly improves the performance of Aerofly. Just when you thought that we couldn’t get even more performance, we managed to improve!

What would be an update without improvements to our aircraft fleet as well. This update packs a big punch in this respect with improved aircraft functionality. The change log for this update has never been this big before so look out for major improvements to all of the aircraft.

We have all been working very hard and this update will clearly show that. With the changes that had to be done, it took quite a long time to get right, so we hope that you enjoy this upcoming update.

This update is looking good and is approaching final, but give us just a little bit more time to run some final tests on it and we will get it into your hands soon!

Certainly sounds promising, very much looking forward to additional details and information.  Aerofly FS2 is already a very good platform with tremendous potential.

Stay tuned for more!

To see the original statement, jump to the source thread via the IPACS Aerofly FS2 forum.  To learn more about Aerofly FS2, check out the official platform website.

*Image courtesy of IPACS.

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