Aerofly Life Project

Aerofly forum moderator drhotwing1 has introduced “Aerofly Life Project.” The upcoming addition for Aerofly FS2 is intended to bring some artificial activity to the platform. According to the announcement, the addon will “add road and sea traffic, plus a couple of other Easter eggs that you will have to just find yourself.” Keep in mind, this is not an official IPACS development although it may be in the future. Moreover, initial coverage is planned for the South Florida DLC only.

The project is still in development although a demo will be available shortly. Moreover, with respect to the overall intent of “Aerofly Life Project,” drhotwing1 remarks, “I feel that this project is a long time coming and when you see it in action you too will agree that it brings Aerofly to the next level of realism.”

Check out some preview images below.

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To read the complete announcement, see the source post via the Aerofly FS2 general discussion forum.

*Images courtesy of drhotwing1.

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