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Aeroplane Heaven has posted a comprehensive project roadmap for the remainder of 2019 moving forward into 2020. You may note, there are numerous aircraft due for release in the coming months as well as many new projects ahead. Given the depth of the roadmap, I will not try to paraphrase and have included the entire article below.


It’s mid-year, end of our financial year in Australia and next year will be our 20th. Anniversary.

So, we thought it an appropriate time to publish our road map for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020.

We, like most people know very little of the recently announced Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 so we are not going to comment here other than to say that it will most likely impact on our plans for development as we head into the new year.

For now, we will cover what we have on and planned projects to follow.

Several projects are nearing completion and release.

Douglas C-47/DC-3 will be out in July

Socata MS893 release is imminent

North American/Rockwell Sabreliner will probably be an August release.

Caravelle, probably September with the work we still have to do.

Piper Aztec should be ready by the end of 2019.

A word on warbirds.

We believe that the market for warbirds, particularly WW2 subjects is shrinking. We don’t know why but we have seen a significant drop in interest in this type of simulation. So, although we still plan to release our range of Spitfires and the Hurricane, it is not likely that we will develop many more warbird subjects. The timing on these will depend now on the other projects but we would like to see them completed this year if possible, for personal reasons if nothing else.

One warbird we will be developing however is somewhat later and will be the Hawker Harrier jump jet for P3DV4.5+

Now, for the remainder of the 2019/2020 season, we are focusing on producing some classic commercials and GA aircraft

Hawker Siddeley HS 748 regional airliner

BAC 1-11 twin jet regional airliner

HS Trident triple jet regional airliner

DH 104 Comet jet airliner

Boeing 707 jet airliner

There is no particular order for these at the moment.

In other news we have a very exciting new product which is designed to put some fun back into flight simuation and money back in your pocket- more details to come.

Co-operative partnerships will continue across the year, building for and working with well-know names in the industry.

Currently, we are very excited about the soon-to-be released Embraer Regional Jets we have been developing with FeelThere. The project is looking splendid in its coat of PBR (Physical-Based-Rendering) materials and textures and the chaps at FeelThere have been hard at work on updating systems depth and code for a really immersive, realistic experience. Flight modeling is by one the best in the business so we can promise a really great product with this one.

FSX vs P3D

Without doubt, and especially with news of a new sim on the horizon, from Microsoft, we think FSX has reached its road’s end. Well, for people like us anyway.

It is not likely that we will develop further projects for FSX and P3D. The workload in producing for both simulators is very high, especially if PBR techniques are employed for the advanced versions of P3D. Our sales data and feedback shows a marked leaning toward P3D with our customers who like the new techniques and the “bigger” experience P3D can bring to their screens.


This coming year sees AH dip its toes in the waters of XPlane. First up will be the Globe Swift which is not far off.

Also, we must prepare for whatever is to come from Microsoft and the learning curve we will undoubtedly have to climb to develop for their new platform.

So, it looks like the future for flight simulation is bright. With three positive directions to move in, Aeroplane Heaven most certainly will be very active.

To review the original roadmap, see the source post via Facebook. For more information about Aeroplane Heaven, visit the developers website.

You may recall, Aeroplane Heaven last released the Cessna 140 back in May.

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