Aeroplane Heaven Bulldog, Nearing Completion

Aeroplane Heaven has announced that the developers upcoming Bulldog is nearing completion and testing is now underway.

Despite being an older vintage aircraft, the model was actually reasonably complex for its day.  For example, the airplane utilizes a pressurized gas starting system.  According to a posting by the developer via Facebook, this system has been simulated!  Indeed, it is this type of attention to detail that makes Aeroplane Heaven so good.

The Bulldog was a single seat biplane fighter aircraft designed during the 1920s and further operated by the British Royal Air Force.

Check out some newly released preview images below.

Loading Images

I’m very much looking forward to release, there is always something special about an open cockpit vintage airplane.  No formal release date has been set but the project is certainly progressing nicely.

If you’d like to see the full preview screenshots set, visit the developers Facebook page.  To learn more about Aeroplane Heaven, visit the developers official website, click here.

*Images courtesy of Aeroplane Heaven.

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