Aeroplane Heaven Globe Swift GC-1A now free

Developer Aeroplane Heaven has made the Globe Swift GC-1A (for FSX and Prepar3D V4) “totally and permanently” free. This kind gesture is of course in response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and is intended to help individuals stay home, stay safe, and better pass the time during isolation/distancing.

For those interested, the aircraft is available directly via Aeroplane Heaven’s website.

Please see below for the complete announcement per the developer as well as some product screenshots.

A Swift response to the virus…

Hi everyone,

We know people are going to be doing it tough over the next few months so we thought we might help ease the pain in a small way.

Today, we are making the Globe Swift GC-1A totally and permanently, FREE.

Obviously, being free, there are no country restrictions so you can download directly from our website. You can download from our vendors too but we are awaiting responses from some. So if you do go through your usual vendor and get a price showing on the Swift, just go to

This is the full retail product with nothing missing.

Enjoy, have fun and stay healthy.

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Images: Aeroplane Heaven

Source: Aeroplane Heaven, Facebook

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