Aeroplane Heaven shares in-simulator Pucará shots and additional project information

The team at Aeroplane Heaven has posted several new in-simulator screenshots and a brief status update with respect to the Pucará for FSX and Prepar3D. Specifically, the images highlight the external aircraft model and the update provides some additional information regarding the final release package. Keep in mind, the Pucará is slated to be the first project released under the developer’s new Cntrl/Ezy product line

Please see below for the complete project update, image description, and accompanying screenshots.

Some in sim(s) shots of the Pucara in P3d V4.5 and pre hotfix 5.0 with some loadout options. In keeping with the ctrl-ezy ideology the loadouts are configured with a single knob clicking through the presets.

P3d package wise it will contain 4.5 dedicated and 5.0 dedicated models using the latest SDK with 2k textures and 4k textures in the one P3d package.

The FSX package will also have 2k and 4k textures options.

For the tech geeks:

Shots were taken (in both sims) at Reeve airport on Waiheke island at the same time/month with the same weather and on completely stock (just reinstalled both 5.0 and 4.5) sims. In this case we are using the 2k texture liveries. The shots are undoctored other than for the watermark.

The system used is a development machine, i5 6600 3.3ghz , 32 gb ram and 1060 6gb vid card with 2 month old video card drivers. Slider settings on 4.5 were on the high side of medium and 5.0 on medium completely but with atmospherics on.

FSX shots will be coming for the site.

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Images: Aeroplane Heaven

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