Aeroplane Heaven Socata MS-893, Ongoing Progress

Aeroplane Heaven has released several new preview renders showcasing ongoing progress with respect to the developers Socata MS-893 project.  Accompanying the preview imagery, the developer comments, “Whilst the Heinkel is making it’s way into the paint shed the socata is at the trimmers.  There’ll be a few options for interior colours and look and feel…  Shag pile carpeting – probably not.”.

Moreover, specifically regarding the latest renders, the developer notes, “Work in progress renders.  Some of the gauges arent rendering properly due to a problem existing between the chair and the computer.”.

Check out the preview renders below.

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Happy to see this project pushing forward, the MS-893 is a fantastic little airplane.  To review the original imagery source and associated commentary, check out the developers Facebook page.

Lastly, if you’re interested in learning more about the above mentioned Heinkel project that is “making it’s way into the paint shed”, see our post dated July 24, 2018 for the latest project information.

*Images courtesy of Aeroplane Heaven.

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