Aerosoft Airbus 321 Professional, JetBlue

Developer Stefan Hoffmann has posted several new preview images showcasing the upcoming Aerosoft Airbus 321 Professional for Prepar3D V4.3.  To be included as part of the Airbus 320 + 321 Professional package, the latest preview offers a peek at N976JT, one of JetBlue’s more recent acquisitions.  According to Stefan, “Note that also the satantenna on the back was correctly modeled after its realworld counterpart. Those are different to the ones used by Lufthansa.”.

Check out the previews below.

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Keep in mind, the latest release date projection is September 6, pushed back slightly from the previous August 30 target.  Nonetheless, this one is certainly coming up quickly.  Stay tuned for more project information and previews, we will post as they become available.

To review the original imagery source and accompanying commentary, jump to page 5 of the official preview thread via the Aerosoft forums.  If you’re interested in the currently available Airbus 318 + 319 Professional, check out the product sales page for more.

*Images courtesy of Aerosoft.

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