Aerosoft Airbus 321 Professional, External Preview

With the initial release and update of the Airbus 318 + 319 out of the way, the development team at Aerosoft have shifted their attention towards the upcoming Airbus 320 + 321.  At the end of July, Mathijs posted a new project update disclosing the late August or early September release target and offered a single external preview image.  Now, developer Stefan Hoffmann has posted several new captures showcasing the 321 variant.

Check out the previews below.

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Similar to the Airbus 318 + 319, this release will only support Prepar3D V4.3.  Stay tuned for more, this one is coming up quickly.

To see the original imagery source, jump to page 2 of the official preview thread via the Aerosoft forums.  If you’re interested in the currently available Airbus 318 + 319 Professional, check out the product sales page for more.

*Images courtesy of Aerosoft.

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