Aerosoft Airbus 330 Professional, Lufthansa

Developer Stefan Hoffmann has posted a new set of preview images showcasing ongoing livery progress with respect to the upcoming Aerosoft Airbus 330 Professional for Prepar3D V4.  Specifically, the latest preview images offer a peek at the new Lufthansa livery.

According to Stefan, “Time for a small friday update: Works on the A330 continue and I am currently doing addtional liveries.  The first one is the first A330 with the new Lufthansa paint, D-AIKO.  Note that the works are still underway at this paint: Work is just done on the EMER DOOR3, which is much more narrow than on DragonAir aircrafts.”

Stephan then continues, “So there we got the first option already.  Additionally with that another window layout comes, which is also added next week.  The most prominent change will be addition the FLYNET fairing at the aft section of the aircraft.  Collecting data was needed, to be able to model that first.  They differ from the ones used with A320 aircraft, so its sadly not only “copy and paste”-job here.  Images are taken out of the 3dsoftware.  The looks in the sim will be better with all the lighting, reflections and shadows there…”

Check out some examples below.

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To review the original imagery source as well as accompanying commentary, jump to page 20 of the official preview thread via the Aerosoft forums.

*Images courtesy of Aerosoft.

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