Aerosoft Airbus 318/319 + 320/321, V1.2.5.0 Non-Experimental

Aerosoft has released a new product update for the Airbus 318/319 Professional and 320/321 Professional – Prepar3D V4.4+. The update is designated V1.2.5.0 Non-Experimental and features a number of bug fixes and improvements to the existing software build. According to Mathijs of Aerosoft, “We have made a full new build available. You can find that file on your Order History page. We advise you to remove the current version first. We decided on a full new build because of some issues with the updates on some systems. You can not use the updater tool for this update.”

Please see below for a list of changes. Non experimental

  • Bug Fix: Fix wrong calculation of deceleration point in geo descent
  • Bug Fix: Several sync issues solved for CFD
  • Bug Fix: Fix for doors issues in Turn Around State
  • Bug Fix: Fix for incorrect fuel burn from Center tank
  • Bug Fix: Retard call prevented on take-off in CFD mode
  • Bug Fix: IRS not aligning is some cases fixed
  • Improvement: Tweaks to PFD display
  • Improvement: 2D MCDU resized to avoid overlapping windows
  • Improvement: Tweaks to Procedure Turns
  • Improvement: vPilot second radio Rx on/off control from aircraft radio panel added
  • Improvement: FADEC logic overhauled to prepare for A330

Keep in mind however, Mathijs also included a brief disclaimer alongside the release announcement.

Please note:

  • On some systems it is impossible to load the aircraft unless you first select another aircraft, we do not know why at this moment but it is being looked at.
  • The installer overwrites possibly newer installed NavDataPro (Lufthansa Datasystem) navdata,  so make sure you backup those files first. We will change the installer for the next full release to avoid that.

To review the original announcement, see the source post via the Aerosoft forums. Alternatively, for more information about the Airbus 318/319 Professional or 320/321 Professional, visit the respective product sales page via the Aerosoft store.

Image // Aerosoft

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