Aerosoft Airbus Professional, Daily Report

Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft has released a daily report describing several challenges, successes, and ongoing updates with respect to the upcoming Airbus Professional series for Prepar3D V4.  The first iteration of the series, that being the Airbus 318 and 319 variants is to be released June 26, 2018, see this post for more.

Aerosoft Airbus Professional Daily Report

Anyways, enough about that, basically, all textures have been updated which resulted in a brief rendering issue in the virtual cockpit due to the new optimized RealLight module.  However, all is now figured and most importantly, testers are experiencing at least a 5 frame per second increase!  According to Mathijs, “I honestly believe this is the best VC ever done.”.  Other items being addressed include various show stopper matters a well as SID and STAR speed controls.

To see the full post by Mathijs as well as an image of the above referenced rendering issue, visit page 65 of the official preview thread (part 5) over at the Aerosoft forums.

*Image courtesy of Aerosoft.

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