Aerosoft Airbus Professional, Small Update

Aerosoft has released a single preview image showcasing the implementation of oxygen blinker logic for the upcoming Airbus Professional series for Prepar3D V4.  Apparently, this item has been requested by many and is indeed critical when preparing for the first fight of the day.  Keep in mind, release of the Airbus 318 and 319 variants is set for June 26, 2018, other variants will be released at various stages thereafter, see our post from May 15, 2018 to review.

Check out the preview capture below.

Aerosoft Airbus Professional Oxygen Logic Panel

This one is certainly coming up fast, truly exciting!  This very well might be the most anticipated aircraft release of the year, and from everything I can see, it’s going to be incredible.

To see the above image source and discussion, jump to page 75 of the official preview thread (part 5) over at the Aerosoft forums, click here.

*Image courtesy of Aerosoft.

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