Aerosoft Tester Posts Airbus Flight Captures

User Frank Docter over at the Aerosoft forums has posted several preview captures taken during a recent test flight of the upcoming Airbus Professional Series A319 aircraft.  The shots look absolutely awesome, this is truly going to be a must have for many in the community!

The Airbus 318 and 319 variants are planned for release June 26, 2018 – the 320 and 321 variants are expected approximately two months thereafter.  See our post from May 15, 2018 for some clarification regarding this matter.

Enough about details, check out two images from the test flight below.

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It’s certainly been an Airbus heavy news weekend, nevertheless, can’t wait for this one, the countdown continues!  I of course already have several flights in mind.

To see the original image source, jump to page 78 (part 5) of the official preview thread over at the Aerosoft forums, click here.  Remember, June 26, 2018 is the projected released date for the Airbus 318 and 319 – and yes, I do realize that I am repeating myself!

*Images courtesy of Aerosoft and forum user Frank Docter.

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