Aerosoft Discusses New Version of Twin Otter

Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft has posted some new information as well as a RFI regarding a new version of the acclaimed Twin Otter (for Prepar3D V4 only). Specifically, Aerosoft is asking that users submit information regarding possible features that might be requested as part of the update. The current list is as follows:

  • Serious update of the VC with PBR, RealLight and TrueGlass
  • Modest update of externals (I think they stood the test of time very well)
  • Option to include the most used 3rd party GPS device
  • Update of the graphics of the checklists etc
  • Updates via Updater tool
  • Possibly Connected Flight Deck
  • Options for home cockpit builder (for AlmostAviation)
  • Hundreds of small tweaks here and there, a lot in engine modeling and flight modeling
  • New sound set (it’s amazing how sound sets have become better!)
  • Optimized for the latest version of P3D (so only 64 bit versions)

Keep in mind however, according to Mathijs and with respect to cost, “As this is a serious amount of work it will not be a cheap update.”

To submit your feedback, jump directly to the applicable discussion thread via the Aerosoft forums. Alternatively, for more information about the existing Twin Otter, visit the product sales page via the Aersoft store.

Image // Aerosoft

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