Aerosoft Köln Bonn by Jo Erlend, Beta Previews

Aerosoft forum user GWI-Berlin has posted a new set of preview images from Jo Erlend’s upcoming Köln Bonn Airport scenery for Prepar3D V4.  The latest preview images are specifically from the beta testing stage and according to GWI-Berlin, “after I got the permission from Jo Erlend, I don’t want to withhold current pictures of the Airport EDDK from you.  The pictures are from the current beta version.”

Check out a selection of beta previews below.

Loading Images

To review the complete set of preview images as well as accompanying commentary, jump to page 15 of the official preview thread via the Aerosoft forums.

The project was last previewed earlier this month, see our post dated October 5, 2018 for more.

*Images courtesy of Aerosoft and GWI-Berlin.

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