Aerosoft Lukla Airport, Terrain Model Preview

LimeSim and S3DD via Aerosoft have released a terrain model preview showcasing the upcoming Lukla Airport scenery to be included as part of the Lukla – Mount Everest package.  The first screenshots of the airport area demonstrate the unique, challenging, and spectacular nature of the airfield often rated the worlds most dangerous airport.  Truly an amazing and beautiful location in close proximity to the town of Lukla, one of the more popular starting points for the climb towards Mount Everest base camp.

Check out some terrain model previews below.  Note the dramatic runway slope.

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The modeling work looks excellent and this project is most certainly going to be something special.  One of the most interesting and challenging flying locations in the entire world.  I have no doubt that many are greatly anticipating this project release.

Stay tuned for more, we will track progress and report any additional previews or details as soon as they become available.

To see the original reference source, jump to page 3 of the official preview thread over at the Aerosoft forums.

*Images courtesy of LimeSim, S3DD, and Aerosoft.

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