Aerosoft Lukla + Mount Everest, Additional Previews + FSX/P3D Info

NEPAL/CHINA – Over the past week or so, Sasa of LimSim has posted several new preview images from Aerosoft ‘Lukla-Mount Everest-Extreme’ for Aerofly FS2. The screenshots highlight Lukla Airport and another unidentified location.

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Moreover, the developer has also provided some additional information regarding the upcoming FSX/Prepar3D version. According to Sasa, “As for satellite imagery: We are planning to make the low resolution satellite imagery and airports outside the core area optional in P3D/FSX […] So outside the core area you will be able to choose between that or your own orthoimagery, FTX Global etc.” Prepar3D screenshots are coming soon.

Keep in mind, coverage extends well beyond Lukla Airport and Mount Everest.

To view the original preview images and accompanying commentary, jump to page 9 of the project development thread via Aerosoft.

For those interested, Jeroen Doorman also posted a preview video back in May.

*Images courtesy of LimeSim.

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