Aerosoft Lukla + Mount Everest, Tingri Airport

NEPAL / CHINA – LimeSim and S3DD have posted some new information and previews concerning the upcoming Aerosoft Lukla – Mount Everest scenery package. Although the proposed coverage area was previously available, the team have now added a “simple” rendition of China’s Tingri Airport. Located approximately 65 kilometres north of Mount Everest, the airport is to begin construction this year with completion planned for 2020. Situated at an altitude of 4320 metres, Tingri will be the first and only airport in the area capable of supporting large jet traffic.

Check out some previews below.

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Keep in mind, release is initially planned for Aerofly FS2, then FSX + Prepar3D, and possibly X-Plane 11.

To review the complete announcement, jump to page 6 of the project development thread via the Aerosoft forums.

*Images courtesy of LimeSim, S3DD, and Aerosoft.

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