Aerosoft + Tailstrike LIME X, DHL Teaser

Tailstrike Designs via Aerosoft has posted a new teaser image with regards to the developers upcoming LIME, Orio al Serio International Airport scenery.  The latest teaser showcases the airport DHL sorting facility and the design work looks absolutely awesome.  Last previewed May 30, 2018, the scenery is certainly coming together nicely.

Located approximately 2 miles southeast of the city of Bergamo, Italy, the airport is a major international facility with service from numerous commercial air carriers and handling over 11 million passengers per annum.

Check out the latest teaser below.

Accompanying the teaser image, the developer comments, “we’ve received new info of the airport about some changement. We are working to update the 3D files and ground polygons. Here is an example of the new DHL.  We already have done the animated jetways, docking systems and lights. We’ll show you more in the next days!”

Looking forward to more preview captures!

To see the original image source, jump to page 2 of the official preview thread via the Aerosoft forums.

*Image courtesy of Aersoft and Tailstrike Designs.

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