AFM Mooney M20 Collection, V4.0 Teaser Image

TorqueSim (on behalf of AFM) has posted a new teaser image showcasing the upcoming V4.0 update for the Mooney M20 Collection – X-Plane 11. To provide some context, Steaven McKenzie of TorqueSim has been retained by AFM to provide assistance with respect to texture work and the 3D model.

Anyway, the update is absolutely massive in scale and represents a complete rework of the entire aircraft, both inside and out. Moreover and perhaps most important, the update will be free of charge for existing users.

To view the original teaser image, join the closed TorqueSim Facebook group. Alternatively, for more information about the existing version of the AFM M20 Collection, visit the product sales page via the developers website.

You may recall, we last reported regarding the V4.0 update earlier this month.

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