Airfoil Labs King Air 350, Project Update

Airfoil Labs has posted a new project update with respect to the developers highly anticipated King Air 350 for X-Plane 11.  According to the developer, livery work in now complete.  Moreover, progress continues in regards to FMOD sounds, avionics, and general lighting.  There is still no official release timeline, however, back in late September, Airfoil disclosed that the project was “nearly finished.”

Check out some new preview captures below.  There is also an interesting FMOD sound demonstration video for those interested.

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To review all the latest preview media, visit the Airfoil Labs website.  Lastly, on a related note, the developers KAWO, Arlington Area UHD scenery is currently discounted to $21.00 USD for Black Friday.

*Images courtesy of Airfoil Labs.

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