Alabeo Cessna 421 Golden Eagle Updated to V1.1

Alabeo has released update version 1.1 with regards to the developers recently released Cessna 421 Golden Eagle.  To see the original release announcement, see our post from May 30, 2018 to review.  The update includes various instrumentation fixes in addiction to the usual minor bug corrections.  Always fantastic to see a developer address customer feedback and software deficiencies so soon after initial release.

Alabeo Cessna 421 Golden Eagle Updated V1.1 External Takeoff

Please see below for a full changelog according to Alabeo.

– Trim wheel is going to the correct direction when mouse drag
– FD can be activated with AP OFF
– Fixes an issue where Pitot Heat switch remained ON.
– Auxiliary fuel pump switches has 3 positions.
– Minor bugs fixed.

I know many users are enjoying this release very much, the Cessna 421 is an amazingly versatile and capable aircraft.  To install the new update, users must download to package once again, uninstall the previous version, and reinstall.  Download limits have been increased.

If you’d like to review the original update announcement source, visit the developers Facebook page, click here.

*Image courtesy of Alabeo.

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