PrealSoft HD Cities Brussels now available

BELGIUM – PrealSoft has released HD Cities Brussels for FSX and P3DV4. The scenery features the entire city of Brussels complete with high definition aerial imagery, custom buildings, and representative autogen. At the time of this writing, the package is priced at €15.50 EUR. Images: PrealSoft Source: SimMarket

FSDG Casablanca nighttime teaser

MOROCCO – FSDG has posted a single teaser image showcasing the developers upcoming Mohammed V International Airport (GMMN). The screenshot highlights nighttime terminal detail. No comprehensive description was provided. Please note, the team also posted several daytime images this past weekend. Release is coming soon. Image: Flight Sim Development Group Source: Facebook

VSkyLabs Scheibe SF-25C Falke V1.5 including taildragger variant

The guys at VSkyLabs have pushed a new product update for the Scheibe SF-25C Falke. Perhaps most important, the update features a second taildragger variant in addition to the existing belly-wheel configuration. According to the developer, the aircraft is specifically designed for X-Plane 11.40+ using the experimental flight model environment. Moreover, the update is available via the STMA AutoUpdater although the store package is also current. Images: VSkyLabs Source: VSkyLabs

New product update for Carenado Citation Excel

Carenado has released a new product update for the Cessna Citation Excel (FSX/P3D). The update brings the software up to V1.2 and features improved Primus 1000 functions, corrected logic issues, adjusted GTN integration, and numerous other fixes. Keep in mind, users must uninstall the previous version, download once again, and then reinstall. Image: Carenado Source: Facebook

Orbx Global openLC Africa – Kenya and Senegal

KENYA/SENEGAL – Iain Emms of Orbx has posted some new preview images showcasing openLC Africa for FSX and P3D. The screenshots highlight both Kenya and Senegal. Keep in mind, the scenery is currently in beta testing. Lots of anticipation surrounding this upcoming release. Images: Orbx Source: Orbx forums (Kenya), Orbx forums (Senegal)

PMDG statement regarding 737 NGXu base + expansion, Operations Center 2.0, and more

PMDG has posted a statement regarding various items concerning the 737 NGXu base, expansion pack, Operations Center 2.0, and other topics. Basically, this coming Wednesday, the team is planning to rollout a new update for the 737 NGXu base as well as the first expansion pack (600/700). Also on Wednesday, PMDG is planning the global rollout of Operations Center 2.0. Laslty, PMDG is working on updates for various other aircraft and a BBJ expansion. Image: PMDG Source: PMDG forums

New previews – FlightFactor Boeing C-32

FlightFactor has posted a couple new screenshots highlighting the upcoming Boeing C-32 – X-Plane 11. The aircraft is of course a military passenger transport version of the 757-200 as designated by the USAF. The addition is expected to be completely free of charge for existing owners of the FlightFactor 757. Images: FlightFactor Source: Twitter

PES Bordeaux–Merignac – first full flight test

FRANCE – Pilot Experience Sim has posted a couple new images showcasing the developers upcoming Bordeaux–Merignac (LFBD) scenery. The screenshots are captured from the ‘first full flight test’ between Montpellier and Bordeaux. Keep in mind, release is coming soon. Images: Pilot Experience Sim Source: Facebook

MilViz MD 530F PBR for P3DV4 now available

MilViz has released the MD 530F PBR for P3DV4. According to the developer, the release ‘brings together everything you’ve come to expect from Milviz; extremely detailed modelling and refined graphical excellence, superb night lighting, smoothly modeled gauges, highly accurate systems, realistic avionics and excellent flight dynamics.’ The heli is priced at $39.99 USD – owners of the previous version are entitled to an upgrade discount but will need to contact MilViz for more info. Images: MilViz Source: MilViz

SSG E-Jet series updated to V1.4

The team at Supercritical Simulations Group have posted a new product update for the developers popular E-Jet series (E170 + E195). The update features a number of improvements including independent MCDUs, better frame rates, enhanced cockpit textures, new VR manipulators, and much more. Image: Supercritical Simulations Group Source: store

FSDG Casablanca is coming soon

MOROCCO – FSDG has announced that Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport (GMMN) is ‘coming soon.’ No further information was provided although the developer shared several new preview images. Images: Flight Sim Development Group Source: Facebook

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