Black Box V0.90 Update Information

Black Box Simulation has posted more comprehensive information with respect to the upcoming V0.90 update for both widebody and narrowbody Airbus packages.  Although already discussed to a certain extent via their Facebook group and as part of our post dated May 20, 2018, a more direct and straightforward statement has been released. To briefly summarize, the Airbus X-Treme Prologue will … Read More

Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini Announce Navajo Tribal Park for X-Plane 11

The talented Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini have announced their most recent project, Navajo Tribal Park for X-Plane 11.  Also known as Monument Valley, the announcement was posted approximately one week ago, but, better late than never.  The project is a complete remodel of the previously released version of the scenery for Prepar3D and FSX, distributed by Orbx.  Scope wise, … Read More

Infinite Flight Version 18.2 Released

The next iteration of Infinite Flight has officially been released.  Version 18.2 includes several improvements and new features including the addition of a brand new Bombardier CRJ-700 with 13 liveries, wheel steering, and suspension animations.  Moreover, a new user grade screen has been implemented now displaying more information about grade calculations.  Additional satellite imagery was previously implemented approximately one month … Read More

UK2000 Posts Edinburgh Release Date for X-Plane

UK2000 Scenery has announced the projected release date for EGPH, Edinburgh Airport for X-Plane 10 and 11, that being Saturday June 2, 2018 .  Development of the project experienced several minor delays along the road but now appears to be sorted.  Edinburgh Airport sees over 13 million passengers annually and serves a plethora of airlines from around the globe reaching … Read More

Orbx Netherlands Delayed for FSX and P3D V1/2/3

John Venema of Orbx has announced that select versions of the upcoming Orbx Netherlands TrueEarth release are to be delayed indefinitely.  Specifically, development for FSX and Prepar3D V1, 2, and 3 have come to a full stop.  This is due to memory management challenges when using 32-bit platforms, in simplistic terms, there is insufficient memory when using more complex aircraft … Read More

Golden Age Stearman Makeover, Progress Update

Golden Age Simulations has posted several new preview screenshots showcasing the current state of the Stearman makeover project.  As previously announced, said makeover is to be a complete new build of the airplane and add compatibility with FSX Steam Edition as well as Prepar3D, including V4.  It most certainly looks as if the makeover is coming along nicely! Check out … Read More

Turbulent MBS Released for X-Plane 11

Yesterday, Turbulent Designs hinted that release of MBS International Airport for X-Plane 11 was very close.  This statement was certainly true as the scenery is now officially available!  Turbulent’s MBS is an absolutely stunning airport, thrilled to see it now available for the X-Plane platform. First, check out some product release images. Next, see the full product description according to … Read More

X-Plane for Mobile Version 10.8, Released

Laminar Research has released X-Plane for Mobile version 10.8.  This update was previously previewed by way of teaser image earlier this month, see our post from May 5, 2018 to review.  Features implemented as part of this update include (PBR) rendering and reflections, iPhone X support, a brand new 747 cockpit, and various flight model improvements. Check out some release … Read More

Vidan Design Previews EKYT, Aalborg Airport

Vidan Design has posted several new preview screenshots showcasing the currently in development EKYT, Aalborg Airport scenery project.  The new preview captures look excellent and focus specifically on the military areas of the airport. Aalborg is both a bustling civilian airport with commercial service from numerous European airlines as well as a military use airfield.  The airport is located in … Read More

QualityWings Ultimate 787 Preview Video, Prepar3D V4

YouTube user NickFlightX has released a video preview trailer showcasing the QualityWings Ultimate 787 in Prepar3D V4.  There has been a tremendous level of uncertainty with respect to the potential release timeline of a 64-bit architecture compatible version of the product.  Apparently, as suggested by the posting of this video, release might be much closer than many initially thought!  Check … Read More

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