Taburet Mount Rainier National Park, X-Plane 11, Released

UNITED STATES – Taburet has released Mount Rainier National Park for X-Plane 11.  The package features extensive photo scenery coverage, high resolution mesh, and autogen throughout.  Moreover, according to Taburet, Mount Rainier itself has been “manually and carefully formed.”  Please note, there is no specific or detailed coverage information provided. For those unfamiliar with the area, Mount Rainier National Park … Read More

Coolsky DC-9 Classic for Prepar3D V4, Version 2.0.4

Coolsky has released version 2.0.4 with respect to the DC-9 Classic for Prepar3D V4.  The latest build is classified as a mini-update and features a gear warning horn fix as well as various other unspecified adjustments.  Keep in mind, the update is applicable to the DC-9 Classic which is included as part of the MegaPack. To read the original update … Read More

Orbx Old Warden Coming Soon for X-Plane 11

UNITED KINGDOM – Orbx EGTH, Old Warden is coming soon for X-Plane 11.  Previously available for both FSX and Prepar3D, the scenery is a highly detailed rendition of the real world facility.  Keep in mind, Old Warden is one of the few remaining traditional grass aerodromes still in use. According to Aimee Sanjari of Orbx, “EGTH Old Warden is located … Read More

Lionheart Revolution Tango 2, External Textures

Lionheart Creations has shared a new set of preview images showcasing ongoing development progress with respect to the upcoming Revolution Tango 2.  Specifically, the latest preview images offer a peek at external texture work.  According to Lionheart, “Got some work done on the Revolution ‘Tango 2’.  I love the design of this sleek thing.” Check out the previews below. To … Read More

MilViz Ends Legacy Platform Support

MilViz has officially ended support for FSX and anything below Prepar3D V4.4.  The decision is a result of challenges relating to multiplatform overhead.  Specifically, according to the developer, “The main issue isn’t code though it, too, is one of the problems.  It’s the materials.  Once we switch over to PBR, it’s exceedingly costly and difficult to match what’s in that … Read More

Flightbeam Studios Announces Toulouse–Blagnac Airport

FRANCE – Flightbeam Studios has officially announced LFBO, Toulouse-Blagnac Airport for Prepar3D V4.  Located in southwestern France nearby the Pyrenees mountain range, the airport is home to Airbus headquarters as well as production facilities for several Airbus models.  Moreover, the airport is a busy commercial facility serving approximately 9 million passengers per annum with flights to over 70 destinations. For … Read More

Vertical Simulations Corpus Christi, “Almost Done”

UNITED STATES – Vertical Simulations has shared a new set of preview images showcasing the developers upcoming KCRP, Corpus Christi International Airport for X-Plane 11.  However, perhaps even more important, according to a post via Facebook, “Almost done with Corpus!  Just have to finish up a few more things and it’ll be ready for release!” Check out a selection of … Read More

Carenado Saab 340 for X-Plane 11, Released

Carenado has released the Saab 340 for X-Plane 11.  Previously available for both FSX and Prepar3D, the aircraft is a detailed representation of the real world type.  Features include PBR materials, 9 HD liveries, FMOD sounds, librain and Reality GTN750 support, custom instrumentation, VR compatibility, optimized flight dynamics, and much more. Check out the official video trailer below. Next, see … Read More

SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack, Version 4.02

SimCoders has pushed a new product update for the developers Reality Expansion Pack.  The latest release brings the software up to V4.02 and features various additions and general improvements, many of which are specifically directed towards the SIAI-Marchetti SF260D.  These Marchetti specific items include librain and RealityXP GTN750 integration as well as a new ‘World March’ livery. Moreover, the update includes … Read More

Still More, VSkyLabs ICON A5

VSkyLabs has posted even more preview images once again showcasing the upcoming ICON A5 for X-Plane 11.  This time around, the previews offer a detailed peek at cockpit design progress as well as a new external viewpoint.  Moreover, the developer has now disclosed a planned release timeline.  Specifically, according to a post via Facebook, “Release window for the project is … Read More

ImagineSim Singapore Changi for FSX, Imminent

SINGAPORE – ImagineSim has officially disclosed the planned release date for WSSS, Singapore Changi Airport for FSX + FSX Steam.  Specifically, according to a photo via Facebook, release is expected February 22, 2019.  For those interested, the FSX version was last previewed earlier this month. Check out the photo below. The scenery is of course already available for Prepar3D V4. … Read More

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