Drei Zinnen Natural Park: heli tour

ITALY – The acclaimed duo: Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini have posted a new heli tour from Drei Zinnen Natural Park – another massive scenery project for X-Plane 11. Source: Alpine Scenarios blog

PES Bordeaux–Merignac is coming soon

FRANCE – Bordeaux–Merignac by Pilot Experience Sim is coming soon – the team is working on the ‘last big steps.’ Should be good, Kem of PES is awesome, totally deserves the support of the community. Source: Facebook

MK-Studios announces Seville Airport + something else

SPAIN – MK-Studios has announced Seville Airport (LEZL) + another undisclosed project. According to MK, “We listen to our customers, as a result we’re officially headed to Sevilla that will be developed at the same time as Ponta Delgada. Any guesses what second airport is considered for our future roadmap?” Source: Facebook

FSDG announces Istanbul

TURKEY – FSDG has announced development of Istanbul Airport (by way of a new teaser image. According to the developers website, release is planned for 2021. The scenery is probably for P3D. Source: Facebook, FSDG

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