Black Box, Airbus 321 NEO Preview

Black Box Simulation continues to post previews of various aircraft additions to be included as part of the developers upcoming V0.90 update.  The V0.90 update is to address both narrowbody and widebody Airbus Prologue packages, however, update details will vary dependent on the specific package, see our post from May 23, 2018 for more information.

This time around, Black Box is showcasing the Airbus 321 NEO, to be included as part of the narrowbody product update.

Check out the preview images below.  Please note, several captures have been cropped to properly fit within the constraints of the gallery format.

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In recent weeks, the developer has also showcased the Airbus 330-900 NEO and the Airbus 340-500, both to be included as part of the widebody product update.

There is still no formal information with regards to a potential release date, stay tuned for more details.  If you’d like to review the original imagery source, visit the developers Facebook page.

*Images courtesy of Black Box Simulation.

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