Black Box Airbus 321LR and Project Update Summary

Black Box Simulation is on a preview tear as the developer continues to push towards the V0.90 update for both narrowbody and widebody Airbus Prologue packages.  This time around, the developer has released a new image showcasing the Airbus 321LR to be included as part of the narrowbody Prologue update.  Moreover, according to a posting by Graham Waterfield via the developers closed Facebook group, “Oh and New LCD EFS2 Virtual cockpits  Code wise…  A Totally new MCDU and Nav System, New Navdata Format and So much more!!”.  Other than the new LCD EFS2 virtual cockpit, this information for the most part has already been announced, see our post from May 23, 2018 to review some of these items.

There is still no official release date set for the new V0.90 update, lets just hope that it is sooner than later.

For the time being, check out the latest preview capture showcasing the Airbus 321LR.

To quickly summarize with regards to the upcoming Back Box V.090 update, the new release is to include the following aircraft additions.  Please keep in mind, the aircraft additions are applicable only to the specific narrowbody or widebody package for which it relates.  This information has been included below.

*A320 Neo (X-Treme “Prologue”)
*A321 Neo (X-Treme “Prologue”)
*A321 LR (X-Treme “Prologue”)
*A330-800 Neo (WideBody “Prologue”)
*A330-900 Neo (WideBody “Prologue”)
*A340-200 (WideBody “Prologue”)
*A340-500 (WideBody “Prologue”)

Next, see below for a list of known or previously announced internal updates to be included as part of the update.

*New Thales MCDU
*New navigation display
*New navigation systems
*New Navdata format

There you have it, stay tuned for more!

To review the source of the above attached image, visit the developers Facebook page or alternatively, join the closed Black Box Facebook group.

If you’d like to learn more about the Black Box Simulation Airbus packages, visit the developers website, click here.

On another note, there is certainly plenty going on in the world of flight simulation Airbus development. Aerosoft is slated to release the Airbus Professional Series later this month, albeit, only the 318 and 319 variants. This one is probably the most anticipated aircraft release of the year!  Furthermore, there is significant controversy surrounding Flight Sim Labs at the moment, however, there is no reason for us to get involved to any extent.

*Image courtesy of Black Box Simulation.

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