Black Box, Airbus 330 NEO Preview Image

Black Box Simulations, another player in the extremely competitive Airbus simulation market, has posted a new preview image showcasing their in development Airbus 330-800 NEO.  According to the post via their Facebook group, this model is to be included with release version 0.90 of their Airbus WideBody “Prologue” package.  Go ahead and check out the image below.

Black Box Simulations Airbus 330 NEO Preview

Moreover, some additional information has been provided via the posting with respect to the development of this and other product packages.  See the full caption below.

Also – 330-900 NEO, 340-200, 340-500, 320 Neo and 321 Neo

V0.90 also contains a VAST amount of work on the pre existing aircraft .. Including all Tailfins remodeled, a brand new totally accurate MCDU, Nav system and New Navdata set .. New Paintkits, and More FDE Work

The announcement of the NEO is IN ADDITION To the existing product content

If you’d like to learn more about Black Box Simulations, check out the developers website.

*Image courtesy of Black Box Simulations.

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