Black Box Airbus Prologue, V0.90 Status Update

After a extended period of silence, Black Box Simulation has posted a new status update concerning the developers upcoming V0.90 update for both widebody + narrowbody Airbus packages.

First, the update is still very much in development. According to a post via Facebook, “We hope you can understand that the amount of Time required has been exceptional when you consider a Total Re Write of the MCDU and all its functions, The Additional work bringing EFIS2 LCD Screens into the VC as an Option.” To clarify, users will now be able to choose between EFIS1 CRT or EFIS2 LCD depending on personal preference. Moreover, the virtual cockpit has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to incorporate new systems, textures, and lighting.

Next, the update will include six new Airbus variants, that being the A320 NEO, A321 NEO, A340-200, A340-500, and A330-800 NEO, and A330-900 NEO. Keep in mind, the aircraft additions are applicable only to the specific narrowbody or widebody package for which it relates. Additionally, there will be a new paint kit for the entire fleet, tail fins have been reworked, and there will be various external configuration options relating to WiFi domes and blank windows.

Lastly, with respect to a potential release timeline, the developer notes “As soon as possible but within 2019 1st quarter.”

Check out a new preview image showcasing the EFIS2 LCD screens.

To read the complete status update, see the source post via the developers Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about Black Box Simulation, visit the developers website.

For those interested, we put together a brief V0.90 summary way back in June 2018.

*Image courtesy of Black Box Simulation.

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