Black Box V0.90 Update Information

Black Box Simulation has posted more comprehensive information with respect to the upcoming V0.90 update for both widebody and narrowbody Airbus packages.  Although already discussed to a certain extent via their Facebook group and as part of our post dated May 20, 2018, a more direct and straightforward statement has been released.

To briefly summarize, the Airbus X-Treme Prologue will include the NEO variants of the 320 and 321 models with LEAP-1A engines and extended winglets.  Furthermore, the Airbus Widebody Prologue will include the 340-200 and 340-500 as well as the 330-800 NEO and 330-900 NEO with Trent 7000 engines and sharklets.  Existing models have been improved and significant work has been undertaken in regards to the Thales MCDU, ND, and navigation systems.

First, see some screenshots included as part of the developers posting.

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Next, see the full statement regarding the V0.90 update as posted via the Black Box Simulation Facebook page.

In Addition to the Main V0.90 Update. We will be adding the following new Aircraft to the respective package..

The A320 Series will now include A320 and A321 NEO aircraft with new LEAP-1A Engines and extended Winglets

The Widebody Series will now include the A340-200 and -500 plus the all new A330-800 NEO and A330-900 NEO with Trent 7000 engines and Sharklets

The Existing models have had more refinement work and all A330 / A340 Tailfins have been adjusted ..

I have Asked Antony to explain the VAST Amount of work that has gone into the brand new Thales MCDU, ND and Navigation systems. And you will have a completely new NavData format

PLEASE don’t ask about release dates as there is only one Answer : – ) As soon as possible once all work is completely finished and tested”

As stated by the above quotation, there is no official release date.  In general, good news for existing Black Box customers.  Visit the developers website to learn more about various product options.

*Images courtesy of Black Box Simulation.

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