Black Box Airbus Prologue, Version 0.90 Changelog + Schedule

Black Box Simulation has published the proposed changelog and release schedule with respect to the upcoming V0.90 update for both widebody + narrowbody Airbus packages.  To quickly summarize, version 0.90 represents the most comprehensive update thus far, includes the addition of multiple new aircraft, and features numerous improvements to the existing product line.  Moreover, release is at least several weeks away.

Black Box V0.90 Information and Schedule

Please see below for the complete statement according to the developer.

Version 0.90 Update current information and schedule

There have been a lot of questions, understandably regarding the release of v0.90 and this has been partly our fault. Although we have tried to post information when we could it seems there is never enough So, to help put away all speculation here is the current V0.90 Proposed changelog and schedule so you will all know what’s included and when it will be available.

v0.9 Notes – Panel & Systems

+ Per Aircraft/Livery Setup from within Pre-flight Manager including: –

* Exterior Model config, Add or remove Satcom Dome
and other options
* EIS2 LCD or Original CRT cockpit option (Switchable)
* Analogue or I.S.I.S standby option
* ISIS pin programming (HDG , InHG and metric alt
options )
* MCDU OPC and AMI File settings for software and
airline policy options

+ Full ground up rewrite of MCDU & FMGS systems to Thales FMS2 Rev 1a including:-

* Independent operation MCDU 1, 2 & (3 Maintenance)
* Upgraded Nav Data base with support for overfly WP’s,
Transitions and Non-Precision Approaches
* Support for Pilot entered Runways, Waypoints and
* Basic AOC system with WX & W/B requests

+ Reworked MCDU & ND to GDI+ / Arinc Draw Code. Benefits to include:-

* Better Flight Plan Drawing
* Better Framerates
* Improved Scaling when undocked
* Support for external tablet display
(to be added in v0.95)

+ Improved Sounds for many switch and knob items taken from real world recordings

+ Save Load Panel States

+ Massive Internal code refactoring for improved performance and stability throughout

v0.9 Notes – Aircraft Variant Additions

+ Addition of the following “NEW” aircraft

• A320 NEO
• A321 NEO
• A321 NEO LR
• A330-800
• A330-900
• A340-200
• A340-500

ALL ABOVE to include Optional HUD in V0.95

v0.9 Notes – Flight Dynamics General

General tweaks and improvements to:-

• A320 Family Pitch stability
• A330 Family Landing performance
• Fuel burn / Range adjustments for NEO Series
• Additional Fuel for 321 LR
• General Tweaks where necessary

TIMESCALE and Release Estimate

As you can see above, there is a huge amount of coding and modelling In v0.90 and we apologize it’s taking us a lot longer than first estimated. We want to make sure that the promised Update is complete and thoroughly tested before release so it’s going to take a few more weeks until completion…
We will try and post further updates as possible but if we appear quiet then that’s a good thing as we are busy with all the updates listed above. I can most certainly promise that you will have this update well before the end of the year!

V0.90 will be our biggest Update so far and of course brings us a lot closer to V1.0 so please be patient, it will be worth it ..



Don’t forget this is a FREE UPDATE To current owners of each product so Buy NOW And avoid the rush, you will be automatically updated upon release

To review the original announcement, see the source post via the developers official Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about Black Box Simulation and available Airbus packages, visit the developers website.

The incoming update has been covered extensively over the preceding months, search Black Box 0.90 via this website for more information.

*Image courtesy of Black Box Simulation.

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