Captain Sim 757 III 64-bit, Hotfix 4 Released

Captain Sim has released hotfix 4 with regards to the developers Boeing 757 Captain III 64-bit for Prepar3D V4.  The latest product hotfix includes a number of general fixes as well as improvements to the ADI and HSI frames, specifically, size and shape.

Check out the full hotfix description and changelog below.

The 757 Captain III Base Pack 64-bit Hotfix 4 is available which includes Hotfix 3 and the following enhancements:

– ‘Load default panel state’ ON selection.
– A couple of issues which may cause CTD on some systems.
– Yaw damper switch INOP until the IRU’s are aligned.
– CRT power source.
– Engines shutdown at aircraft reload.
– Parking Brake, Radio, Transponder values for Cold And Dark panel state.

– ADI and HSI frames size and shape.

How can I get the Hotfix 4?
1. Make sure the 757 Captain III Base Pack 1.1 is installed.
2. Download the Hotfix 4 to any folder on your computer.
3. Make sure P3D4 is not running.
4. Double click the downloaded csy572_1104.exe file to install the Hotfix 4.

If you get an antivirus alert please read this.

To see the original source update information, jump to the applicable hotfix announcement page via the developers website.  If you’d like to learn more about the product in general, visit the main page of the official product website.

*Image courtesy of Captain Sim.

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