Captain Sim 757 III Freighter Expansion Released, 32-bit

Previously available for Prepar3D V4, Captain Sim has now released the Freighter Expansion pack for the Boeing 757 Captain III 32-bit base package.  The expansion supports both FSX + Prepar3D V3 and includes eleven new freighter variants as well as customizations to engine performance, FMC setup, internal + external modeling, aircraft flight dynamics, and environment sounds.  Other features include an animated high loader, integrated GPU, and various cargo management features.

Please see below for a complete product features list.

The 757 FREIGHTER EXPANSION supports all features of the 757-2PW Base pack and delivers the following eleven highly detailed and accurate digital replicas of the Boeing 757-200 Freighter variants wearing Captain Sim House livery:

• 757-200PF with RB211-535E4B engines
• 757-200PF with PW2037 engines
• 757-200PF with PW2040 engines
• 757-200PCF with RB211-535E4B engines
• 757-200PCF with PW2037 engines
• 757-200PCF with PW2040 engines
• 757-200SF with RB211-535E4B engines
• 757-200SF with RB211-535E4 engines
• 757-200SF with RB211-535C engines
• 757-200SF with PW2037 engines
• 757-200SF with PW2040 engines

Each engine variation provides:

• Custom engine performance
• Custom FMC setup
• Custom Flight Model

The RR engine systems and sounds included. The RR Expansion is not required.

Complete VC including:

• Freighter converted Flight Deck;
• Lavatory and supernumerary area;
• “Submarine hatch” entry door;
• Cargo cabin with wing views;
• Animated High Loader;

Misc features:

• FMC cargo management features.
• Cargo management 2D panel.
• Custom cargo management sounds.
• Integrated GPU.
• Exterior animated High Loader and ULDs;

For more information, visit the freighter expansion page via the Captain Sim website.  As of the time of this writing, the expansion pack is priced at $19.99 USD.  Keep in mind, the 32-bit base package is absolutely required.

For those interested, the Rolls-Royce Expansion is also available for 32-bit users.

*Image courtesy of Captain Sim.

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