Captain Sim 757 III for P3D V4, Manual Updated and Other Information

Captain Sim has updated the Boeing 757 Captain III aircraft manual, additionally, said manual now includes the product SDK or software development kit.  For clarification purposes, the 757 Captain III variation of the software is for use with Prepar3D V4 only.

The informational posting made by the developer via Facebook states not only that the manual has been updated including SDK documentation but further mentions the inclusion of feature details relating to the upcoming version 1.1 update.  However, in reviewing the manual, there does not appear to be any actual information regarding the update.  Further investigation clarifies that the changelog will be posted at the time of official release.  According to a comment posted via the above linked Facebook post, the developer states, “We’ll include the change log into the 1.1 release announcement.”.

Certainly a bit confusing if I do say so myself.

Furthermore, for those of you interested in the status of the 32-bit version of the aircraft for both FSX and earlier versions of Prepar3D, some information is available.  Per the previously referenced Facebook post, the developer states, “The 32bit versions (FSX and P3D3) are expected after the 1.1 release.”.

If you’d like to review or download the updated aircraft manual including the SDK, click here.  To learn more about Captain Sim and available product options, visit the developers website.

*Image courtesy of Captain Sim.

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