Captain Sim shares update and expansion plans with regard to the Boeing 767 Captain II

Following the initial release of the Boeing 767-300ER Captain II base pack (early access beta), Captain Sim has provided some additional information regarding future product updates and expansion plans.

Please see below for the complete announcement as well as some new base pack promotional images.


Quite a number of the 767s have been burning virtual jet fuel around the Globe for more than 72 hrs…

The best part is, there are no major issues, no hotfix required, so we’ll release a scheduled update most likely next week.

Now to the engines, we’ve just finalized our 767 plans and it seems to be a good time to share them:

1. The 767 Base Pack will get another engine, the good old JT9D
2. The 767 Freighter Expansion will bring another engine, the legendary CF6-80
3. The 767-200 Expansion will add another engine, the classic RB211

Upon the expansions’ release, the 767-300ER will support all the expansions’ engine types (CF6-80, RB211), if the expansions installed.

Same as all expansions’ airframes (Freighter and the -200) will support the Base Packs’ engines (PW4060, JT9D).

Those who still don’t have the 767, we recommend you to check out a fresh set of screen shots at

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Images: CaptainSim

Source: CaptainSim, Facebook

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