Carenado Beechcraft 1900D, X-Plane 11, V1.2

Carenado has posted a brand new product update for the developers Beechcraft 1900D – X-Plane 11. The release brings the aircraft up to Version 1.2 and features a number of additions, adjustments, and general improvements. Keep in mind, the previous version needs to be completely removed prior to installing the updated files.

Please see below for an update changelog.



  • Disabled hydraulic brakes option (to ensure brakes work properly when engines are off)
  • Cleanup of EHSI bearing pointer fix
  • Disabled some v10 compatibility stuff
  • Fixed some annunciator lights
  • Improved autopilot heading
  • Increased battery capacity and generators
  • Improved lighting for v11
  • Adjusted prop feathering at startup
  • Adjusted nose wheel steering animation
  • Updated de-icing logic
  • Adjusted min N1% for start
  • Fixed throttles and DC load needles
  • Disabled artificial stability
  • Adapted for VR
  • Brightened taxi and landing lights
  • Tuned elevator effectiveness.


To review the original update announcement, see the source post via Facebook. If you’d like more information about Carenado Beechcraft 1900D for X-Plane 11, visit the product sales page via the developers website.

*Image courtesy of Carenado.

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