Orbx Freeware Saanen for Aerofly FS2, Version 1.1

Sylvain Delepierre of Orbx has released a new product update for the developers freeware LSGK, Saanen Airport for Aerofly FS2.  Feature wise, version 1.1 adds HD airport background grass, additional clutter, two helipads, and further implements a sloped runway.  Keep in mind, the scenery is intended to work seamlessly alongside IPACS Switzerland DLC and the recently released freeware Swiss Cultivation … Read More

Orbx Freeware Swiss Cultivation for Aerofly FS2, Released

First announced back in May, Sylvain Delepierre of Orbx has released the freeware Swiss Cultivation package for IPACS Aerofly FS2.  According to Ed Correia, “Swiss Cultivation enhances the Switzerland DLC by IPACS with generic building placements and additional trees.  This addon does not overwrite any of the tree placements already supplied with the DLC.  Note that this addon does require the Switzerland DLC … Read More

Orbx 2019 Project Roadmap

John Venema of Orbx has now completed the 2019 project roadmap livestream and posted a summary via the Orbx preview forum.  The complete summary includes 231 screenshots and a massive amount of information relating to both upcoming projects as well as the general direction of the organization.  As such, I won’t even try to paraphrase the entirety of the content.  … Read More

Orbx TrueEarth Ireland + Northern Ireland, New Information

John Venema of Orbx has provided a brief status update and some new information concerning TrueEarth Ireland + Northern Ireland. First, regarding Northern Ireland, the required ortho imagery is now complete and en route to Orbx.  Apparently, a significant portion of Northern Ireland is going to be included as part of the upcoming TrueEarth Great Britain North region.  Moreover, the … Read More

LimeSim + Aerosoft, Helgoland for Aerofly FS2, Version 1.10

As a result of the recent IPACS update for Aerofly FS2 which features the Robinson R22 helicopter, LimeSim has made available a new product update for Helgoland.  Specifically, the update brings the software up to version 1.10 and includes seven new helicopter landing locations situated throughout the coverage area.  For those unfamiliar with Helgoland, the scenery recreates Germany’s only open … Read More

Aerosoft Lukla + Mount Everest, Phaplu Airport

LimeSim and S3DD via Aerosoft have released several new preview images from the upcoming Lukla – Mount Everest scenery package.  Keep in mind, according to the most recent information, the scenery is to be released initially for Aerofly FS2, then FSX + Prepar3D, and finally X-Plane.  Moreover, the complete package is to feature not only Lukla Airport and Mount Everest … Read More

IPACS Aerofly FS2, Platform Update + Robinson R22

IPACS has released a new platform update for Aerofly FS2.  Perhaps most important, the update features the very first helicopter for the simulation platform, that being the Robinson R22.  According to the developer and with respect to flight dynamics, “The Robinson R22 also has physics that are so precise you would swear that you were flying the real bird, especially … Read More

Orbx TrueEarth Netherlands, Service Pack, Lighthouses

Sylvain Delepierre of Orbx has posted a new set of preview images showcasing the addition of numerous lighthouses to be included as part of an upcoming service pack for TrueEarth Netherlands.  According to Sylvain, “Some shots from upcoming service pack for Netherlands.  We have placed 60 lighthouses along the Northern coasts.”  Although the images are from Aerofly FS2 only, I … Read More

Airline2Sim Announces Airport2Sim

We’re several days late to this one but nonetheless, Airline2Sim has announced a brand new product line titled Airport2Sim.  According to a post via Facebook, “This is a new series of low cost tutorials that we can produce relatively quickly, along with a completely revamped GSX config that will help you to operate to and from some of the most … Read More

Aerosoft Lukla + Mount Everest, More Information

LimeSim and S3DD via Aerosoft have released some new information and previews concerning the in progress Lukla – Mount Everest scenery package.  Firstly, regarding possible airfields, the developer notes, “The scenery will not only cover the airport of Lukla but also some other airports in the area.”  Moreover, with respect to platform compatibility, the developer explains, “Not decided yet but … Read More

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