Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator, Closed Beta Applications

REMEX Software, the development team behind Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator, is currently looking for individuals interested in participating in closed beta testing. Specifically, the developer asks, “Hello future pilots! Want to be a part of the Deadstick closed beta?” If so, submit an application via Google forms. Keep in mind, eligibility guidelines requires you be part of the Deadstick Discord community. To review the original application request, see the source post via Facebook. Alternatively, for more information about Deadstick, read … READ MORE

Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator, First Livestream Complete

REMEX Software, the development team behind Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator have finished the first ever livestream event via Twitch. The video offers some interesting information and visuals regarding maintenance systems, mission modules, the overall flying experience, and much more. These events will be hosted every two weeks moving forward into the immediate future. Keep in mind, early access release is currently planned for Q2 2019 although this is obviously subject to change. To watch the complete livestream, visit the IrregularCorp … READ MORE

Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator, Coming Q2 2019

The development team behind Deadstick Flight Simulator have shared some new information regarding project status and the path towards release. First and perhaps most important, early access is planned for Q2 2019. Keep in mind of course, this target is subject to change. Moreover, with various technical challenges resolved, the team plan to increase development progress visibility. This includes a new series of bimonthly livestream events. The first such event is scheduled for March 14, 2019 at 4PM GMT. Potential … READ MORE

Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator, New Video Released

Officially slated for release later this year, the Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator team has posted a brand new video trailer.  Deadstick is going to be a very different type of flight simulator compared to current platforms, not depicting the real world but only that of a virtual world.  This concept is meant to offer the user a fully submersive experience without having to nitpick about real life locations, details, and omissions.  Moreover, it allows to developer to design and implement … READ MORE