Flight Replicas Hispano HA-1112 Buchon, Cockpit Teaser

Flight Replicas has posted the first cockpit preview from the developers in progress Hispano HA-1112 Buchon.  According to the developer, “A first look at the Buchon cockpit.  Very much WIP, but we’re getting there.  More soon.”  Keep in mind, the HA-1112 Buchon is a license built version of the Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2 produced in Spain after WWII. To review the original … Read More

ImagineSim Singapore Changi for FSX, Nearing Release

SINGAPORE – ImagineSim has posted a new teaser image and brief status update concerning the developers upcoming WSSS, Singapore Changi Airport for FSX + FSX Steam.  According to the developer, “After months of rework and recoding we’ve managed to fit WSSS into FSX’s 32 bits, and still keep the framerates ticking smoothly along.  We’ve got to complete our installer tests … Read More

ATSimulations Antonov An-2, Cockpit Teaser

You may recall, back in January, ATSimulations announced a major product update for the legacy SibWings Antonov An-2.  The project is being completed in agreement with SibWings and is to include Prepar3D V4 compatibility as well as numerous other improvements.  Release is currently planned for Spring 2019. Anyways, earlier today, ATSimulations posted a single teaser image showcasing ongoing development progress … Read More

29Palms Scenery Design KTNP, Version 1.17

UNITED STATES – 29Palms Scenery Design has released a new product update for the developers namesake airport project, that being KTNP, Twentynine Palms Airport.  The latest release brings the software up to version 1.17 and features improved AI behaviour, enhanced mesh compatibility, and more variety with regards to animated people + static aircraft. For those unfamiliar with the location, Twentynine Palms … Read More

Lionheart Announces Revolution Tango 2

Lionheart Creations has officially announced development of the Revolution Tango 2.  According to the developer, “Revolution Aircraft and Lionheart Creations are making a beautiful rendition of their Experimental high performance, sleek ‘Tango 2’ aircraft.”  There was no additional information provided as part of the original project announcement. For those unfamiliar with the type, the Tango 2 is a high performance … Read More

Cockpit Teaser, MilViz SR-71 Blackbird

MilViz has posted a brand new teaser image showcasing the developers ongoing SR-71 Blackbird project.  Specifically, the latest teaser image offers a peek at the cockpit / instrument panel.  Keep in mind, the project is still very much a work in progress and there is currently no official release timeline. For those unfamiliar with the type, the SR-71 is a … Read More

MilViz Northrop T-38C Talon, New Previews

MilViz has posted several new preview images showcasing ongoing progress with respect to the developers upcoming Northrop T-38C Talon.  Specifically, the latest preview images offer a peek at both the aircraft exterior and instrument panel.  According to a post via Facebook, “We won’t say #TalonTuesday, because what would we post tomorrow? #comingsoon #workinprogress” Check out the latest previews below. To … Read More

FSDG 2019/2020 Project Roadmap

FSDG has disclosed the developers 2019/2020 project roadmap.  The information was posted as part of a project announcement thread for scenery developers.  The purpose of said thread is to avoid duplicate sceneries within the development community.  Keep in mind, some of the information was already available as part of FSDG’s previous project development schedule released back in August 2018. Please … Read More

Golden Age Super Stearman Package, Released

Golden Age Simulations has released the Super Stearman package for both FSX and Prepar3D.  The package includes four highly detailed model variants, that being the 300 HP Lycoming R-680 powered A75L300, the 450 HP Pratt and Whitney R-985 powered IB75A, the model S76D1 float plane, and the A75AG sprayer/duster conversion. For those unfamiliar with the type, the aircraft was a … Read More

MilViz King Air 350i, FMS-3000 Facelift

MilViz has posted two new preview images showcasing the updated FMS-3000 to be included as part of the developers Beechcraft King Air 350i.  The initial alpha build was released to pre-order customers back in September 2018 although the aircraft is not yet publicly available.  Anyways, according to a post via Facebook, “The FMS-3000 on the KA350i got a facelift!  Soon … Read More

Lionheart Fokker 100, Brief Status Update

Lionheart Creations has posted a brief status update regarding the developers long awaited Fokker 100.  Specifically, as part of a separate announcement regarding website updates, Lionheart comments, “News on the Fokker 100.  Still not finished.  I pray it will be done this year.  Would be nice to see it completed by June.  I want that baby finished.  Wondering about jobbing … Read More

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