Aerosoft Chania, Even More Previews + Coming Soon

GREECE – For the second time in two days, Aerosoft has posted new preview images showcasing LGSA, Chania International Airport “Ioannis Daskalogiannis” for Prepar3D and perhaps FSX. However, perhaps most important, according to Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft, release is “close.” Keep in mind, JustSim released their rendition of Chania only days ago. To view the complete set of preview images, see the source post via the Aerosoft forums. As always, stay tuned for more.

Flysimware Learjet 35A, Version 4.2

After much anticipation, Flysimware has released the Version 4.2 update for the Learjet 35A – FSX and Prepar3D. The update includes several new features, namely PBR and dynamic lighting, improved textures, and numerous bug fixes. Moreover, according to the official release announcement, the update is “…now available at our store […] We will try to get this out to all stores within 2 days.” Please see below for a list of changes. New Features PBR for P3Dv4.4 or higher Dynamic … Read More

Carenado Short 330 Now Available

Carenado has released the Short 330 for FSX and Prepar3D V4.4+. The aircraft is a comprehensive representation of the real world type complete with 8 HD liveries, “real” flight characteristics and sounds, dynamic cockpit animations, volumetric prop effects, realistic night lighting, and much more. Please see below for a list of inclusions and product features. Included in the package 7 HD liveries 1 HD Blank livery S330 Emergency Procedure PDF S330 Normal Procedures PDF S330 Performance Tables PDF S330 Reference … Read More

Aerosoft Chania International Airport, More Previews

GREECE – Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft has posted several new preview images showcasing LGSA, Chania International Airport “Ioannis Daskalogiannis” for Prepar3D and perhaps FSX. The screenshots continue to highlight various components of the scenery project. Keep in mind, there is currently no release timeline for the project. Check out some examples below. Interestingly, JustSim released their rendition of Chania just yesterday. Anyway, to view all the preview images, see the source post via the Aerosoft forums. You may recall, we … Read More

New Jetway Model, Drzewiecki Design

Drzewiecki Design has posted several new preview images showcasing a new jetway model to be included as part of future projects. According to the developer, “Working on a new, detailed animated jetway model that could be customized according to our needs and used in our future products. It can be driven by SODE (X) and SAM (XP).” Check out the images below. Keep in mind, Drzewiecki is currently working on various scenery projects including Sheremetyevo V2 and Tokyo (Airports + … Read More

IronSim Vadsø Airport Released

UPDATE: The 32-bit version for FSX and P3D V2/V3 is also now available (€10.99 EUR). The original article remains unchanged. NORWAY – Developer IronSim has released ENVD, Vadsø Airport for Prepar3D V4. The scenery is a lite rendition of the real world airport facility complete with seasonal photoreal imagery, dynamic lighting, volumetric grass, detailed ground poly, high resolution textures, and an animated SODE windsock. Moreover, according to the developer (via email), the FSX version is also coming very soon, perhaps tomorrow. … Read More

[Released] Milviz Pilatus PC-6 Porter for FSX, New Previews + Coming Soon

UPDATE: Further to our original article, the aircraft has now been released. First announced back in July, MilViz has posted some new preview images showcasing the developers upcoming Pilatus PC-6 Porter for FSX Steam Edition. In fact, the product page is now live although the aircraft is not yet available for purchase, rather, “coming soon.” Keep in mind, the model is already available for Prepar3D V4.5 and the project represents a departure from the recent decision to end legacy platform development. … Read More

A1R Design Bureau, Yak-12A 32-bit, Now Available

Already available for Prepar3D V4, A1R Design Bureau has now released the Yak-12A for FSX and Prepar3D V2/3. Features include HD materials, five liveries, accurate flight dynamics, 3D gauges and avionics systems, custom cockpit sounds, volumetric prop effects, and more. For those unfamiliar with the type, the Yak-12A is a historical Soviet multirole STOL aircraft now used for recreational flying, glider towing, parachute training, air ambulance, and agricultural purposes. The model was first introduced in 1957. Check out some screenshots … Read More

Now Available, Just Flight Piper PA-38 Tomahawk

Just Flight has released the Piper PA-38 Tomahawk for both FSX and Prepar3D. Developed by the in-house design team at Just Flight, the aircraft is a fully featured representation of the real world type including PBR materials (P3DV4.4+) and “exceptionally accurate and detailed modelling throughout!” Please see below for a full product features list. Model Accurately modelled PA-38 Tomahawk, built using real-world aircraft plans and comprehensive photography of the real aircraft Numerous animations including passenger doors, cockpit window, sun visors … Read More

BinerSim Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, New Update

INDONESIA – BinerSim has released another product update for the developers popular WIII, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport – FSX and Prepar3D. The update features a number of changes including fixes to dynamic lighting, ground shadows, and AI traffic compatibility as well as improvements to runway textures and terminal design. You may recall, the scenery was first released back in June and a subsequent update was issued several weeks thereafter. The current update is available for download via Simnesia and simMarket. To … Read More

Soarfly Teesside International Airport, “Back on Track”

UNITED KINGDOM – Soarfly Concepts has posted a new set of preview images from the developers upcoming Teesside International Airport for FS2004, FSX, and Prepar3D. For clarification purposes, the project was previously known as Flagship Durham Tees Valley Airport V2. Anyway, according to Soarfly, “So Durham Tees V2 is back on track!! Well I need to change the name to Teesside International but hey, small things.” Check out a brief selection of screenshots below. To view the complete set, see … Read More

IRIS Simulations 21-Driver Now Available

After an extended absence from the community, IRIS Simulations has returned with an update for the developers Pilatus PC-21 product line (FSX and Prepar3D). Specifically, the new 21-Driver is now available for purchase or as a free upgrade for existing customers. According to IRIS, “Replacing the Pilatus PC-21 and PC-21 75th Anniversary product is the new 21-Driver product! Inspired by the [PC-21], the new 21-Driver product features a number of enhancements to bring this fantastic high performance trainer up to … Read More

FSDG Rhodes, New Previews

GREECE – FSDG has posted a new set of preview images showcasing the developers upcoming LGRP, Rhodes International Airport “Diagoras” for FSX and Prepar3D. The project includes not only the airport itself but a large (but unspecified) portion of the surrounding area. According to FSDG, “It’s going to be good…” The project was originally scheduled for release July 31, 2019, however, per the developers website, this date has been pushed back to the end of August. Anyway, check out the … Read More

PILOT’S Boeing 314 Clipper, Cockpit Progress

PILOT’S has posted several new preview images showcasing the developers in progress Boeing 314 Clipper for FSX and Prepar3D. Specifically, according to a post via Facebook, “Some pictures showing the coming along of the VC for our Boeing B314 – The Clipper product. These fine WIP renders reached us today. Have fun and speculate!” To view the original preview images and accompanying commentary, see the source post via Facebook. For more information about PILOT’S, visit the developers website. You may … Read More

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